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This page contains links to mathematics in the media and some mathematically-oriented blogs.

The opinions expressed in external websites are those of the authors of those sites and do not necessarily reflect the positions of the City University of New York or the CUNYMath Oversight Committee.


Renowned mathematician/author John Allen Paulos’ column Who’s Counting? is featured on the ABC News website.


Chance News is Dartmouth University‘s probability/statistics news wiki. It is part of the site Chance, which houses many resources related to teaching and learning about probability and statistics, specifically with a focus on understanding current events.


Slashdot, part of Geeknet, is a popular computing and science news roundup site (“News for nerds, Stuff that matters.”). This link provides their recent “math”-tagged articles.


Prof. Steven Strogatz of Cornell University, author of The Calculus of Friendship, wrote a 15-part series about understanding mathematics on the New York Times’ Opinionator. It ran from January-May 2010.


Devlin’s Angle, by Keith Devlin, is a monthly mathematics column published by the MAA. Prof. Devlin is also The Math Guy on NPR’s Weekend Edition.


Math Monday is a weekly feature of Make Magazine‘s blog, by George Hart, of the new Museum of Mathematics.


The Fields Medal is one of the highest honors a young mathematician can receive. Three Fields Medalists, Richard Borcherds, Timothy Gowers, and Terence Tao, have blogs: Mathematics and physics (Borcherd), Gowers’s Weblog, and What’s new (Tao). Their blogrolls contain hundreds of interesting sites dealing with mathematics.


The Math Behind Numb3rs is a Wolfram-hosted blog explaining the mathematics discussed in the 2005-2010 CBS crime/math show Numb3rs.



Good Math, Bad Math

The Everything Seminar

The Unapologetic Mathematician

Ars Mathematica

Wild About Math

God Plays Dice

Christian Marks

Quomodocumque (Jordan Ellenberg)

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