CUNY Technology in Mathematics Conference 2010

The Technology in Mathematics Instruction Conference 2010 was held Tuesday, June 9, 2010 at the CUNY Graduate Center. Collected here are slides and other resources from the conference, in order of their presentation.

I. Assessment (e.g., homework, quizzes) and Tutorial Technology (Student Use of Technology)

Paper Panel on Software Applications

April Allen-Materowski and Sherman Wong, Baruch College
WeBWorK and the 24/7 Math Classroom
WebWorK instructors sample (PDF)
WebWorK students sample (PDF)

Michael George, Borough of Manhattan Community College
MyMath Lab: Introduction and Rationale

Dale M. Dawes, Borough of Manhattan Community College
Implementing WebAssign in the Classroom

Frank Wang, Chancellor’s Award Winner / Luis Gonzalez, LaGuardia Community College
LaGuardia’s Contextualized Math Curriculum with Online Learning Supplement
script (PDF)

Leonard Presby, Queens College
Utilizing an Intelligent E-Learning System (ALEKS) in Math

Individual Papers on Assessment and Tutorial Systems

John Velling, Brooklyn College
MathLynxTM as Mathematics Pedagogy Environment

Stanley Ocken, City College
Using Graphics for Graphing: A Moving Experience
slides (Word DOC)

Thomas Mormino, Chancellor’s Award Winner, College of Staten Island
Elementary Algebra, Self-Instructional Software


II. Technology in Pedagogy (Faculty Use of Technology)

Arnavaz Taraporevala, Nadia Benakli and Satyanand Singh, New York City College of Technology
Using Technology to Stimulate Interest and Enhance Understanding of Mathematics

Terrence Blackman, Medgar Evers College / David Stone, Brooklyn College
Perspectives from the Front of the Class: Using CAS in situ

Christopher Hanusa, Queens College
Where Mathematica Betters My Instruction
slides (PDF)
Prof. Hanusa’s website

Glenn Miller, Borough of Manhattan Community College
Comparing Online and “Seated” Statistics Students

Alla Morgulis, Borough of Manhattan Community College
Personal Approach in Teaching a Distance Learning Mathematics Course

Individual Papers on the Use of Specific Forms of Technology

Sarah Harney, Baruch College
Using the Tablet PC with “one note” in the Classroom

Andrea Marchese, City College (presented by Sarah Harney)
Going Digital in the Classroom with a Graphics Tablet and Graphics Editing Software

Walter Wang, Chancellor’s Award Winner / Peter Gregory, Baruch College
Instructional Math Videos

Michael Carlisle, Graduate Center
CUNYMath: A Central Web Presence for the CUNY Mathematics Community

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